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22 Feb

How to Increase Your Energy

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Hi, It’s Adrian Law here. Today,  I’ve got some things that are really going to increase your energy and how you generally feel. You are going to feel good if you apply what I’m about to share with you.

The first point today is around choice. You actually choose more things than you probably realize. You choose what you say next, you choose what you do next, you choose the work that you do.

You even choose what time you start work. Some of you that have jobs may disagree with that but nobody’s forcing you literally. You’re actually choosing to start when you do.

You choose your attitude, you choose so many different things, it’s in your control. So what choices are you going to make?

Now, it’s a big difference between knowing something and owning it. Knowing means that you’ve got the knowledge; some people say that knowledge is power. I disagree with that, I think applied knowledge is power. That’s owning it, that’s actually doing it. For example, would you like to lose a little bit of weight or perhaps be a little bit fitter, healthier or to simply increase your energy naturally. Most people say yes to that especially in January. You know how to do that. You know you can eat less, you can eat good food, you can eat less junk, leave off the alcohol, the cigarette, that type of thing. If you also exercise, you will lose weight. Some companies however earn millions and millions of dollars helping us lose weight but often it comes down to your choice.

Choices over time and not much time, become habits. When you have good habits, healthy habits. You start to feel good on a consistent basis. The food that you eat, the liquid that you put in your mouth and what you do with your body has a massive impact on how you feel; the energy that you generate, the productivity that you’re able to do and how much or less sleep that you need has a massive, massive effect.

Drinking lots of water has a huge effect on how you feel. I drink a lot of water. Some people say, “Adrian, that’s plastic bottle how could you?” Well, would you rather drink out of a plastic bottle or not drink the water. Drink tap water rather than not drinking it at all.

If you drink a lot of coffee with caffeine obviously in it, or diet pepsi or coke or any of these fizzy drinks, you’ve got to drink water as well. You’ll notice a difference, maybe not straight away but over time you will.

One of the things that I’ve done that’s become a habit. Pretty much everyday, I have delicious smoothie through a blender. I just do this at home if I’m here. In the smoothie I put all sorts of things, there’s bananas and almond milk, I have cacao powder and sometimes a bit honey, some strawberries, some mixed berries; all sorts of yummy things and it really fills you up and it increases your energy in a minute. It’s incredible!

Today, I didn’t eat till one thirty in the afternoon after having the smoothie for breakfast. Some of you might eat a lot and that wouldn’t be enough for you but over time your stomach actually shrinks. Mine has! I would eat fairly large portioned meals but my stomach has now shrunk and I’m not as hungry as I was. Plus I’m drinking lots of fluid as well.

Another big thing that I’m doing is exercising regularly. Now you’ve heard that you need to exercise a million times. Maybe you don’t like exercise or for some reason you’re not doing it. But if you are I hope you are feeling the benefits from it. Just find what it is that you enjoy. For me, I need to do things that are going to make me sweat. I feel good afterwards, after I shower. I like to run. For you, you might enjoy a walk. I enjoy that too but I just don’t get my heart rate up and it doesn’t feel like a cardio workout for me, but maybe for you that’s plenty and that’s great!

Just do it three or four times a week and you’ll start to notice the difference. For you it might be chasing a ball around. Oftentimes you can run lots and lots of distance through chasing a ball, whether it’s playing tennis, or squash or soccer or something. Whatever is that you enjoy, it might be yoga, it might be going to the gym pumping weights but just to do it and do it consistently.

I had a challenge, it’s a guy thing. Where I was living there was a beautiful pool and every day I said I was going to swim and was going to beat the amount of lengths I did the day before. I got up to about 65 lengths and the next day I didn’t feel link swimming 66 lengths, so i didn’t do it and I didn’t go back for another six months to a year. So rather than doing that, don’t do what I did. Instead, I could have done 20 laps, four or five times a week and the results would have been ten times more effective over time.

Whatever it is that you do just make it a habit. Remember this is your choice. Eat well, drink good things even if you are drinking coffee and so forth, try to minimize that because it actually dehydrates you. Also, get out there and move and the next time you go to the fridge, remember it’s a choice. Do you pick-up the chocolate cake or do you have a piece of fruit? Now, I’m one of those people that say “Just have fruit”, “Just have vegetable”, “Just drink water”. I enjoy a nice glass of wine, I enjoy sometimes having naughty treats, but the majority of my choices are healthy. If you do the same, I guarantee you, that you’ll feel better, you will have more energy in the world, you’ll get more done, be more productive and as a whole you’ll just feel like you’re a better person; a new you.


I hope you enjoyed this, I’m Adrian Law. Bye for Now.

P.S. Please leave a comment. I’d love to hear about what you are doing to feel good.

22 Feb

Effective Strategies to Increase Productivity

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Hi it’s Adrian Law here.  Today I’ve got some very simple, yet effective strategies to increase productivity and you can these apply these immediately. Not only in your business but also in your life. I really hope that you enjoy them.

I am not sure if this is you or not but a lot of people I meet are perfectionists and they won’t launch something or take action until something is perfect. For example, it might be a website that you’re launching or new blog. It could be a letter or an email that’s important and you want to send it but you delay because it’s not perfect. It could be something in your own life. I believe there’s no such thing as perfection. The website will never be perfect, neither will the blog, the email or the letter.

Learn by your mistakes, we’ve heard that right? Now if you look at the biggest mistakes you’ve ever made in your life, often you received the biggest learnings in your life. I therefore encourage you to make mistakes. It means that you are taking action.

The second part of this is as a parent. I’m not sure if you’re a parent on not, but if you are how we speak to our children when they make mistakes is very important. Often we can make them wrong or tell them off, but again they often learn from their mistakes so encourage them to do so and you’ll allow them to grow as well.

Remember the other day in the last video I shared with you how I really hurt my finger but the x-rays showed there was no fracture in the finger it was simply badly bruised? Well the the very next day on my phone, I received a voice mail message from the doctor saying that an expert had relooked at the x-rays and there actually was a hairline fracture. We all make mistakes and as human beings we are flawed.

Yes that includes you and me.

The second strategy today is around balance versus harmony. Often you’ll hear coaches, trainers and I’ve even said it myself, about working toward a balanced life. But I’ve taken a closer look at this and today I really want to talk about that I don’t believe you can necessarily have balance. You’ve seen the pie chart and the different areas of your life. You are meant to have a perfect circle of each particular area

In today’s fast-paced world that’s not easy at all and what I prefer for both yourself and myself is harmony. What I mean by that is, let’s say you love your work. You absolutely love it. So is there anything wrong with spending most of your time at work if you love it? Of course not. Whereas if you are spending your time in areas that you really don’t enjoy, you don’t benefit from, you just don’t feel good in your soul, that’s not great so it’s more about harmony. Are you in harmony? Or you out of harmony?  That’s more important than being balanced, I believe.

The next strategy is prioritising your time to increase productivity. We hear this a lot but it’s an ongoing thing that some people are better at than others. In this day and age we’ve got so much information thrown at us often we have a list of things to do that is a mile-long and it’s very challenging to get through the list in the day, a week or sometimes even a month.

What I’m here to say today is that I recommend that you stop using negative language around your time. So many times I hear and I don’t know if you say this yourself. I haven’t had time to call that person or I don’t have time to exercise. This is actually BS. You have all the time that there is, so do I, so does Donald Trump. We all have the same amount of time but it’s how we use that time, how effective we are with it to increase productivity.

If you say you haven’t had time to call your friend back for example, it’s simply not true. What you have done is, prioritized something else over it, so I highly recommend you lose that from your vocabulary and maybe you can start educating other people if they say that to you.

What is important is to know which things on your list are the must do’s today, and make sure you do those. Also, have a look at which all the things that will take you closer to achieving your goals and get those things done.

The final strategy for today is to pay for experts. So many times as a business owner we think that we can do the job better than anyone else can. In some cases that’s true but in a lot of cases it’s actually not true. You can’t be all things. How often have you spent time on a computer for example, trying to work something out that’s taking you hours and hours, whereas somebody else could do it in five minutes.

It’s worth the investment to pay somebody who specializes in what they do. None of us can do everything. How many people are great at public speaking, writing reports, designing websites, SEO traffic and a great father or mother. Nobody’s is great at all of these things, well maybe superman 🙂 So it is worth paying experts to get you to where you want to go much quicker than you could by yourself.

I’m Adrian Law, I hope you enjoyed that and increase productivity. Please leave a comment below and I’ll speak to you soon. Bye for now.

20 Dec

President Obama’s Advice..

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